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SecurityCEU.com offers the following series of webinars for your edification. We will add more in the future, so check back often for more learning opportunities.

The Benefits of Certification for Security Technicians

May 27, 2015

Presenter: Connie Moorhead

This session takes a look at the many different professional designations available to security professionals. Today’s competitive business landscape requires that you set yourself apart from others. Additionally, certifications are more commonly seen as requirements sometimes even written into specifications and legislation. We will look at the certifications and their unique benefits to the individual, to management and to the organization. We will also offer insight into how to develop a product certification.

Cloud Access Control: A Business Case

September 17, 2015

Presenter: Robert Schorr, Paxton Access

Using the cloud is a way to leverage dealers, integrators, and end users. This session discusses how to migrate more towards cloud-based solutions so that you can offer a more cost effective and more user friendly solution to your customers. We will discuss the building blocks of the business case behind using the cloud for EAC delivery models. Also discussed will be the steps to get to the cloud, such as hosted and managed service models.

The Steps of a Proper Site Survey

October 22, 2015

Presenter: Brian Steiner

In this session we offer an overview of the Internet of Things or IoT. We will walk through a broad background of the lifecycle of physical security. Next, we will discuss some industry profitability paths given some of the new technologies available to us today. Then, we look at some new and upcoming technologies in the market lending well to the IoT model. Finally, we will look at what is IoT or the Internet of Things using physical security as a sensor.





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