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SecurityCEU.com :: # Full Course List :: The Steps of a Proper Risk Analysis Survey

The Steps of a Proper Risk Analysis Survey #WBNR_092716
The Steps of a Proper Risk Analysis Survey 

The Master's Notebook and Guide to Video Security Systems
A webinar series dedicated to bringing uniformity and profitability to VSS

Event #2: The Steps of a Proper Risk Analysis Survey

September 27, 2016 / 1pm-2pm EST

Utilizing his 43 years of working in the security industry as a designer, trainer, successful entrepreneur and security solution consultant, Charlie Pierce brings a detailed overview to the need and process of creating a proper Risk Analysis. Mr. Pierce will demonstrate that presenting or designing a security solution without understanding the needs, threats or risks of the business or area being covered is equivalent to throwing money, life and safety to the wind. He will further show why the majority of the real world defines security at any level as a “cost” of doing business. Lastly, in this MUST ATTEND webinar, Mr. Pierce will provide a general overview of the tools that are available to the security industry for promoting a proper risk survey.

Regardless of the size of the security needs of a company, business, facility, structure or service, no security solution may be provided without first understanding the risks that are, or potentially could be, the risk to protect against. Yet we see security solutions being flung around every day by every level of our industry. To compound the problem, these “solutions” are accepted and paid for by the ultimate end users through simple ignorance of what should have been provided to them. In simpler terms, the security industry has migrated to being more about the bottom line than the actual product that we are supposed to provide … enhanced safety, enhanced security, lower threat levels and higher levels of production and profits for our clients. This session will review the needs for proper risk analysis, the general process for producing such analysis and how to put it to work in developing a proper security solution for every situation.

This is a live webinar event. You will receive confirmation and login information for the webinar within one business day of your order. Space is limited and seats are available on a first come, first served basis.

Price: $49.00


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