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Speaking Bean #WBNR_092016
Speaking Bean 

The Master's Notebook and Guide to Video Security Systems
A webinar series dedicated to bringing uniformity and profitability to VSS

Event #1: Speaking Bean

September 20, 2016 / 1pm-2pm EST

If you have a "cold call" success ratio of less than 75%, you may not be speaking Bean. If your annual security budget has been cut or you have not had success in obtaining badly needed electronic security augments, you probably need to learn the first fact about corporate security … the security directors, managers and even the company owner very seldom make the decisions concerning security budget requirements. At the bottom line lies the accounting department and they speak Bean very well. Costs are cut while profitable or recurring incomes are kept and, when possible, financially supported and promoted.

In Bean, "Security is considered to be a non-profitable, cost of business. That is unless said security is directly applied to a specific financial liability." In simplest terms, you must be able to demonstrate that Security is a profitable venture and worth investment.

Speaking Bean is a reference to the language of Accountants (Bean Counters). The objective of this session will be to provide a simple overview of why budgets for new systems, upgrades and even existing security system services are the first in most corporate budgets to be cut back, denied or eliminated altogether. This problem is suffered on both sides of the spectrum of cost control, the sale or purchase and the request for funds (budgeting). Once the problems are identified, solutions will be provided to promote higher closing ratios for sales people and higher success ratios for Security Directors and/or End Users when applying for additional security funding. Although, this is not an in-depth review of the full detail required to promote successful financing of security projects, it is a starting point for those that need to understand the accounting department is really the corporate (large or small) structure that determines the quality or need for security. Once the language of "Bean" is understood, the control of security financing returns to the security department.

This is a live webinar event. You will receive confirmation and login information for the webinar within one business day of your order. Space is limited and seats are available on a first come, first served basis.

Price: $49.00


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