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IP Video Bundle  IP Video Bundle

Module Length: 9 Credit Hours
The IP Video certification is a comprehensive series of 9 modules that you will teach you everything you need to know about modern Video Surveillance Systems. Covering everything from basic system components and design, to equipment selection, installation, and integration with existing analog systems, IP Video will put you on the cutting edge of the field. This certification is comprised of the following modules:
  • Module 1: Overview
  • Module 2: Networking
  • Module 3: Video Compression and Transmission
  • Module 4: IP Cameras
  • Module 5: Lenses and Lighting
  • Module 6: Digital Monitors and Storage Devices
  • Module 7: Software Applications
  • Module 8: IP Video Integration
  • Module 9: Video Legal Issues
Each course is available for individual sale at $40 per course. However, you can purchase this bundle for only $300, saving $60.

Recommended Prerequisites: This module is part of a series with a recommendation to take the content in order. For a full listing of the modules, click HERE

Price: $225.00


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