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There is training and then there is learning.

You can deliver mounds of handouts and hours of slides and information, but if the students don’t truly learn and retain the material, it is wasted time and resources. Why is it so hard to train effectively? The answer lies in the way adults learn (or equally as important, the ways they don’t learn). Not every person learns the same way and certainly not at the same pace. Auditory learners absorb material by hearing it, visual learners by seeing it applied and Kinesthetic learners by actually doing it. Some learners are a combination of two or more types. In addition, training content must be engaging, the delivery visually appealing and the learner must be vested in the outcome.

Our team of training experts develop each and every course to suit all of these learning types and make your training dollars an effective investment.

How our process works

Roll over each topic to learn how SecurityCEU.com partners with you to create world-class on-line training!

1. Screen

Project Management

A project manager will be assigned to your project and will act as a single point of contact for you. The project manager will lead your project and communicate the status of the project to you on a regular basis. If you have any questions at all regarding your project, your project manager will have the answers.


SME Interview

Each member of our team assigned to your courses will meet with your Subject Matter Expert(s) to ensure we understand your challenges, training objectives, learner demographics and any additional needs before work begins. We're intimately familiar with the security and life-safety industry, so you will not spend your valuable time training us on industry knowledge. Instead, we can focus specifically on your product or processes.


Interface Design

Our Interface Design team will develop a custom course interface through which your eLearning will be delivered. The interface will meet any branding standards you may have and be easily navigable by your learners. You will approve all interface designs and elements prior to implementation into the Instructional Design storyboards.


Instructional Design

Our team of instructional designers will work directly with your SME(s) during the development of the courseware for any additional questions or clarifications we may have as we proceed. The ID team will write all the materials for your course(s), including all graphics requirements, applied knowledge interaction / game descriptions, as well as all questions to be presented in the course for both quizzes and final exams. We take great pains to develop questions that must demonstrate student knowledge understanding and retention. Ineffective questions give you inaccurate student metrics and reporting. After the course is written, you will be provided a storyboard with all course text along with descriptions of all imagery, interactive elements and voice-over scripts. If any edits are requested, you will receive an updated storyboard for approval before it goes to our Media team for the next development phase.


Media Development

Our Media team will begin programming the course navigation, applied interactions, games, animations, quizzes, and exams, as well as create all graphic design elements used in the course. Professional voice-over talent will record the approved audio scripts and an audio technician will edit the audio, and then output the digital files to provide the best sound quality. After the course has been assembled, it will go through an extensive in-house functionality testing process prior to being made available to you for review. Any requested edits to the media will be made prior to Beta testing.

6. Beta Testing

Beta Testing

Once the course media has been approved, we will move the course to a live site. This allows final testing in the environment in which the course will reside. A full functional test will be made again and the course will be made available for your final review.

7. Go Live

Go Live

After the course has met your final approval, it will be made available to your students as directed.

8. In-house Support

In-House Support

All of our courses include free technical support. All technical support is handled in-house and is available to your students from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST Monday-Friday.

Additional Services for our Corporate Clients

Learning Management System

SecurityCEU.com uses our own SUTRA Learning Management System. SUTRA is a robust LMS designed specifically for the needs of the security and life safety industry. SUTRA can be branded for your company and used to deliver, track and report on all types of training, including Instructor-led training, as well as eLearning courses. SUTRA is a very affordable alternative to other, less flexible, though far more expensive, Learning Management Systems. Click here to learn more.

CEU Approvals for your Training

We’re experts in the CEU approval process and can help you get your courses approved, even if we didn’t develop them! Click here for more information!


The biggest names in the security industry rely on us to develop effective training solutions and you can too! Please contact us and we will work with you to meet your training needs.

Security CEU -- How do you CEU?
Security CEU -- How do you CEU?