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As a testament to our effort to always put the client's specific needs first, we offer this page for case studies from some of our proudest moments in client problem-solving and implementations.


This case study provides detail on the launch of the SecurityCEU.com solution for Aronson Security Group (ASG). It details how we addressed their specific pain.

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A Career Professional or Worker in a Job.

Which Are You?

Following is a case study about Aronson Security Group (ASG) and their implementation and use of SecurityCEU.com courses as one of the ways they provide a career to employees.

Aronson Security Group (ASG) is a leading Security Risk Management Services firm that has a value system that emphasizes organizational strength through:

ASG is a metrics driven company. One of the key executive dashboards they monitor is Organizational Strength. “We measure our people’s performance, but we also measure their professional growth”, said Aronson. “Our Human Resources Executive and our Operations leadership worked with SecurityCEU.com to embed our learning objectives for our employees. Although the training content was heavy in access control, IP networking and IP video we also were able to customize user (student) and administrator guides through SecurityCEU.com.”

The result was a more rapid enrollment and acceptance rate. ASG has the ability to automatically enroll their people and monitor their progress encouraging them and motivating them in their growth. To date, ASG has enrolled more than 90 employees that have taken over 1,040 courses from SecurityCEU.com.

“Feedback from students has been very positive”, said Margaret Soularie, Director of Human Resources for ASG. “We see SecurityCEU.com providing performance improvement and organizational compliance. To measure performance improvement all you need to know is the level of understanding before the training (where knowledge is) and the level it should be at (where knowledge should be). Then once learning is applied to the gap, did we reach our desired goal?”


SecurityCEU.com is the industry’s only licensing, compliance and continuing education portal providing over 100 hours of online CEU training for both certifications and licensing. The site also offers a complete Compliance Management System (CMS) that automates, tracks, reports on and offers metrics about security industry licenses. SecurityCEU.com is owned and operated by The CMOOR Group. Known worldwide for their custom online training and industry specific SUTRA Learning Management System (LMS), CMOOR has over 1,500 clients claimed in the security, fire and life safety industry. For more information on CMOOR, please go to http://www.cmoor.com. For more information on SecurityCEU.com, please go to https://www.securityceu.com.


Security CEU -- How do you CEU?
Security CEU -- How do you CEU?